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For over 25 years we have been consulting to Government, some of the world’s largest companies, including Fortune 500, SMEs, Startups and Not-For-Profits.

The core of that work has been the strategic planning, positioning and sales focus.

We have also established an outstanding track-record in executive coaching and the establishment of peak-performance.

Commercial enterprise should be a noble activity.  Every enterprise serves customers and employs people, allowing them to be productive and make a contribution!  It also rewards the risk-takers – the shareholders.

BUT … Business is also complex and challenging!

As a leader in business you have two main challenges:

  • Get the strategy right (thinking).
  • Get the execution right (influence).

These challenges are dominated by complexity.

The good news is that this complexity is where the opportunities hide for extraordinary results and impact. To get these results, we must reduce complexity and place a “blueprint for the brain” between concept and reality, that everyone can see and follow, to make the results real.

For over 25 years, we have been using our unique approach to facilitate industry and government leaders through these complex conversations.

The Models Method is that approach. It simplifies complexity by addressing two fundamental truths. The success of any organisation depends upon:

  • The level of thinking that drives it, and
  • The ability of the organisation to influence the decisions people make to support it.

Our work with visual models that simplify, communicate and sell, has revolutionised how heads of government and industry view their organisations and the markets they serve.

Our goal is to elevate and accelerate the level of thinking and influencing in business.

The Models Method is a system for thinking and influence, that shifts organisations to a deeper level, allowing them to become the most intelligent, influential and trusted organisations in their markets.

Built on a framework of out-thinking, out-selling and out-serving the competition, The Models Method gives business leaders a structured and deliberate methodology to position their organisation uniquely in the market place.

With the Models Method, the ambiguous becomes obvious and the solution becomes self-evident.

Our Method shifts the complex conversation from discussion to discovery!

If you’re a business leader wanting to:

  • Uncover a critical strategy,
  • Increase sales conversion,
  • Improve performance levels,

“The success of any business depends on the quality of THINKING that drives it and the ability to INFLUENCE the choices others make in support of it.”

“The success of any business depends on the quality of THINKING that drives it and the ability to INFLUENCE the choices others make in support of it.”


With a strong belief that, if held in the hands of the right leaders, public and private commerce and enterprise can be one of the most powerful forces for good on the planet, Simon has invested over two decades in facilitating the resolution of complex issues for businesses and organisations of all sizes, across all sectors.

These include startups through to Fortune 500 companies, Government, The Military and elite sport at state and national team levels.

He has facilitated strategic plans for entire cities and industries as well as some of the world’s largest companies. He is highly regarded for the results he achieves when he oversees large projects and significant corporate change programs and is actively sought out to individually mentor many CEOs, heads of government and industry and business leaders.

In the cauldron of this environment, Simon has been the go-to-person when there is an expectation that the issue will draw multiple, disparate and conflict driven views.

A gifted speaker and published author, Simon is known for making the complex simple, to both solve and sell a better option.

In all his work he has one goal – to transform any complex issue at the base level – the quality of thinking behind it, and the ability to influence others to support it.

Simon’s early career in electrics and electronics, gave him a deep understanding of the nature of pure logic and the Scientific Method. His second career as a teacher and lecturer, from high school through to university, developed his knowledge and abilities in influencing how others receive and act on ideas presented to them.

His corporate roles in organisational change and his executive management roles in sales and as second-in-charge of a large, multi-million dollar manufacturing business unit, developed and sharpened his business skills.

The last twenty five years in consulting, on large and complex issues, has elevated this wealth of experience to a depth of insight into organisational performance, that is unique in its capacity to help organisations to differentiate and disrupt in ways they would never have otherwise seen.

Born and raised in country Western Australia, that practical “just get-it-done” ethic has never left him. Combined with multiple tertiary qualifications in education and business and accreditation in a number of leadership programs and behavioural and talent profiling instruments, Simon’s mix of real practicality, with structured, researched solutions and rich understanding of human nature, allows him to bring a unique clarity to most situations.

Utilising this broad base of experience and knowledge, Simon created The Models Method, a system for elevated and accelerated thinking and influence. The Models Method uses the power of visual models to simplify the complex, make the abstract tangible and completely shift the dynamic from conflict and contention to influence and alignment.

As a consultant, Simon has been in constant demand both throughout Australia and overseas. He attracts very high praise from his clients and his ability to work with people at all levels to deliver results, has made him a valuable resource to organisations and individuals that have ambitious goals to achieve.

Dynamic and thought provoking, his creativity and enthusiasm makes him the perfect catalyst for your success.

“In the hands of the right leaders public and private enterprise can be the most powerful force for good on the planet!“


We have a simple approach to how we engage with our clients.

The success of any project is disproportionately impacted by the clarity of the scope and the agreement of expectations.  With that in mind we place a high priority on establishing a clear understanding of your expected project outcomes BEFORE engagement.

We will only undertake your project if we believe that it is a good fit for our expertise, that we can bring significant value to the table, and, if we can see that your organisation is aligned with the principles we hold to be true about the importance and impact of government and enterprise, if held in the hands of the right leadership.

We commit to projects on a fixed-fee basis and once we take on a project, we are all-in until the agreed results are achieved.

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